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Personal privacy and security are still possible even in our modern society with never-ending surveillance. Building on my study of several world-class privacy experts - coupled with my experience in the field - I can help you take back your privacy and keep it.

Secure Your Mail and Packages.

Check fraud and identify theft most commonly begin with a compromised mail drop. I'll help you secure your postal mail and package deliveries to help prevent theft and fraud before it starts.

Keep your purchases private.

When you use a credit, debit, or other bank card to make a purchase - tracking agencies use that information to build a profile on you to aid in advertising. While this may be ok with some people - the truly privacy-conscious individual will learn how to avoid this tracking and keep his or her purchases off the grid. I'll show you how to keep your finances private and away from prying eyes.

Keep your trash clean.

One of the most common privacy misconceptions is that your trash is private property. However, if your garbage is collected by the City or a private collector, your privacy is dead the moment your trash can hits the curb. I'll teach you how to safely, securely, and legally dispose of your trash and prevent compromise.

Maintain privacy without sacrificing your mobile phone.

Despite the Snowden leaks and the exposing of the NSA's illegal and unconstitutional mass collection of phone records, there are still legal and affordable ways to maintain privacy and security without giving up a mobile phone. I can teach you how to stay in touch with those who matter without giving away your location or other information.

Lockdown your house and property.

While no home is impenetrable, there are many common and some not-so-common steps you can take to prevent unwanted access to your house and property. I can help you make your home more secure starting with the basic windows and doors or even turn your home into a fortress suitable for James Bond.

Request a Consultation

I am now offering one-on-one consultations to anyone with a sincere desire to reclaim their privacy and hide in plain sight. As each situation is different, we must first discuss your situation to determine the best course of action as well as the cost involved. Personal consultations start at $1000 for a four hour meeting in Nashville. I am open to traveling but the cost will be reflected in the fee.