If you’re sincere about reclaiming your privacy and protecting your family, your home, and your assets from identity thieves, trigger-happy lawyers, abusive exes, angry former employees, or just the rest of the world in general, I am ready and willing to meet with you to discuss your situation and offer proactive solutions to your problems.

The initial meeting costs $400 for four hours in Nashville, TN. and will involve evaluating your needs, answering your questions, and preparing an action plan for you. I’ll gladly help you execute and implement your action plan for additional cost, depending on your needs. Before any consultation, I need to get a glimpse into your situation.


I am open and willing to meet with anyone with a sincere desire to reclaim their privacy and hide in plain sight or who wishes to better protect their loved ones. Whether you are a world famous movie star trying to hide from adoring fans or a survivor of domestic violence trying to drop below your ex’s radar, I can help you. I have already helped many different people from many different walks of life drop off the grid and escape from harassment, stalkers, and crooked private investigators. I have no doubt I can help you, too.


I spend much of my professional time near Nashville, TN. so the quickest and easiest way to meet for a consultation is in Music City, USA. I like to mix up the meeting place with each client so that’s something that will be established if I decide to take you on. I am open and willing to travel throughout the United States and Canada. However, the cost of travel is reflected in my fee and a travel deposit is required up front.


Consultations are usually arranged within three weeks from the time I agree to take you on as a client. Some take longer and some can be arranged even quicker. It all depends on your situation and my current schedule. We can sort out more specific details once I know your situation better.


While I certainly believe in helping those around you and giving to those less fortunate, this isn’t a charity - it’s a business. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years came at a price, and so does my time and effort. I charge $1000 to meet with you in Nashville. We’ll meet to discuss your situation in more detail and discuss your action plan.

If your situation requires extra attention, or if you choose to have me help you put your plan into action, we will discuss further costs at that point. In some situations, it is far more cost effective to have me travel to your town for the initial consultation, especially if you intend for me to give specific advice on securing your home or vehicles. Keep in mind, such projects require extra time and services from other companies and professionals. I can either help you locate and secure these services or I can help you develop a course of action that you can relay to these professionals to achieve your goals.


Frankly, the only limit is your budget. If you have $1000 to spend, I can give you all the advice I have to offer for your situation and wish you the best of luck in putting it into action. If you have $1M in the bank for this, you can drive off into the sunset in a bullet-resistant car, off to your Fortress of Solitude - protected by over 100 security cameras with reinforced steel doors, hidden safe rooms, and an escape tunnel that will allow you safe exit into the nearest forest. Seriously, I’ve seen it done in real life. So again, the only limit is your budget (and the law).


The first step is for you to reach out to me and explain a little bit about your situation and what you’re looking to achieve. From there, we will determine the best time and place to meet for a consultation. If we decide to meet at another location, perhaps closer to your town, I will be able to give you a more accurate quote on my fee before we finalize anything. The rest just falls into place and we start making your life a little more private and a little more secure.